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Project Financing

Economic circumstances at all levels of government are imposing new realities on the way infrastructure projects are developed.   Federal, state and local policymakers are reexamining the manner in which financial assistance can be leveraged.  This effort provides for the improved delivery of public services like water supply, water quality, transportation and other key public services.

The priority of delivering infrastructure services in a cost competitive manner is forcing consideration of new technologies to recover valuable resources such as energy. 

Supplementing this focus is the need to develop creative project financing options.

ENS offers our clients tools and expertise to identify alternative mechanisms to promote the development of an infrastructure project.  Whether it is the identification of investment financing to support the commercialization of a technology to improve the environment, the development of alternative energy supplies or the development of strategies to implement balanced and appropriate public/private partnerships that will ensure cost effective delivery of public services while protecting the public interest we work with our clients to fashion an appropriate strategy.

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